Composer and sound designer for film, videogames, animation and theatre. 


Working in a broad range of musical styles - from solo piano and hybrid orchestral arrangements, to glitched-out chiptunes.

Based in Dublin, Ireland.


Chris McLoughlin is an award-winning Irish composer and sound designer for film, games and theatre. 

Over the past few years he has worked closely with the Irish animation company Paper Panther Productions, producing music in a broad variety of styles for their animated films.

Chris recently scored the paint-on-glass film The Bird and the Whale, directed by Carol Freeman, for the Irish FIlm Board Frameworks. He is also scoring An Gadhar Dubh, an Irish-language stop-motion horror film written and directed by Pádraig Fagan. 


Currently he is involved in a number of upcoming videogame projects, including the epic side-scrolling adventure Chronicles of Pow,  and the thriller/puzzler Blameless

He has also released several game audio packs including Rust and Blood, Swords and Sorcery, and Empty Places all of which are available on the Unity Asset Store


Previously, he has performed at the Dublin Fringe Theatre Festival for the award-winning Waterworn, which was a haunting shadow performance driven by a solo piano score, described by Irish Theatre Magazine as “…a refreshingly original piece…”. 

Chris has also written and recorded music for large outdoor performances, including Escape from the Dead Zoo (performed in Merrion Square, Dublin), which featured full-sized puppet zebras and giraffes. 

He initially trained in violin and piano, and has an ever-growing collection of musical instruments; from guitars

and basses to xylophones and theremins.






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